28 Sep Berkeleyside

LOCAL GARDEN DESIGN FIRM CREATES URBAN RETREAT There is a new garden in North Berkeley its residents have lovingly named their “sanctuary garden.” Despite being adjacent to a fairly trafficked street, Justine Ganzenmuller and Christian Humann can step outside their home and – thanks to many layers of tall, softly swaying foliage and the gentle babble of a lotus-filled fountain and pond – feel like they’ve escaped the stresses of daily life.
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14 May Organic Gardening Magazine

THE AUTHOR OF THE BOTANY OF DESIRE AND THE OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA TALKS ABOUT GARDENING, NATURE, AND (GASP!) WHY ORGANIC ISN'T ALL IT'S CRACKED UP TO BE. By Therese Ciesinski I hear Michael Pollan's garden before I see it. The hum comes from the front yard, behind the fence separating his house from the others that ladder the hills of Berkeley, California. When I enter, Pollan is chatting nonchalantly while a starling number of honeybees zoom around him like a buzzing electron cloud. Just back from a trip, he found a hive swarming in his yard. A beekeeper removed them; these are the stragglers, confused and purposeless without their queen. The man who made a career writing about "those messy places where the human and the natural come together" has a yard swimming with orphan honeybees.
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13 May Secret Gardens of the East Bay (2007)

8ENTER. GATHER. DREAM. CHILL. 1607 Lincoln Street, Berkeley An innovative house remodel set the wheels in motion for the creation of a new garden. What was once a lush backyard of a classic bungalow is now an elegant, private hideaway, artfully integrated with a modernist perspective by landscape designer Bernardo Lopez. “Enter. Gather. Dream. Chill.” These words Lopez uses to capture the experiences he elicits in his gardens are here an invitation to enjoy with limited space a compound he has created for himself and his family.
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