Sea View Avenue - Latitude 37° Landscape + Design
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Sea View Avenue

About This Project

Driven by the long drought and growing family needs, we were asked to transform a large sloping lawn into distinct gardens with areas of diverse uses, while diminishing water consumption.

The slopping site was terraced to create three separate usable gardens. The owner, a plant lover, desired a lush garden of roses and dahlias as well as large raised planters for growing edibles.

In the first level, a large stone courtyard with wraparound benches and stone counters for dining and entertainment was created. A stepping stone path on a smaller lawn leads to an elevated decomposed granite courtyard, complete with gas bonfire and lounge furniture, creating another corner to congregate. And finally, we installed a basketball and bocce ball court for the couple’s young teens and their friends. The addition of low voltage LED and festival lights throughout the garden allows the activities to continue into the evening.

Entertaining, Garden Design, Piedmont, Water Conservation