About This Project

The dynamic landscape design focused on creating a seamless transition from the interior to the atrium-like courtyard outside, by eliminating a 10″ drop in grade. The property’s unique design included a semi-circular grid with floor to ceiling windows, which allowed one to view the central outdoor space from all angles of the interior.

Initially, we built a semicircular IPE deck at level with the house. Then, a series of Corten steel raised planters with IPE and steel lounging benches were added to create several spaces for entertaining as well as observing the client’s young children at play.

We left a portion of the garden’s original grade untouched and created a sunken white Travertine stone patio with a stone fountain and lush plantings to create an unique entrance to the clients master bedroom. Finally, a fruit orchard and an extensive vegetable garden were planted in the exterior yard that surrounds the property.

Rockridge - Latitude 37° Landscape + Design
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